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The cookies installed by this Website can be both session cookies and persistent cookies, and also our own or third party cookies. Session cookies are those which are automatically removed when the browser is closed, while persistent cookies remain installed for a certain length of time. Our own cookies are those installed by the COMPANY, while third party cookies are those installed by service providers contracted for the purpose.

We give details below of the various cookies used in this web:

Technical cookies

Technical cookies are essential for the functioning of the webpage, such as, for example, managing the authentication or maintenance of a session for a user registered on the webpage. Deactivating these cookies can prevent the page from functioning properly.

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies collect statistics on the user´s activity and the use of the webpage. The information collected helps to optimise browsing and guarantee better service for the user. The cookies also make it possible to know the number of pages visited, the browser used, the frequency or repetition of visits, the language chosen, among other factors. The user can, at any time, exclude their activity by using the exclusion systems provided by the analytical tools or by the browser settings.

The applications used to obtain this information are the following:

• Google Analytics: More info: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6004245

Remarketing/Retargeting cookies

Remarketing or retargeting cookies are those which, controlled by third parties, manage advertisement spaces on third party webpages which may or may not be outside the COMPANY. In this way, users who have visited any of the COMPANY webs can visualise its advertising, where it is considered to be of interest to them, on those third party webpages.

•DoubleClick / AdSense (Google). More info: https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/2839090?hl=es

Social network cookies

To help the user share the webpage contents in various social networks, special buttons have been included. These buttons can mean that the social network to which they link installs cookies which, not being under the COMPANY´s control, can be for the purpose of managing the start of the user´s session on the social network, the maintenance of that session, or showing a counter of how many times a certain content has been shared on each social network. We recommend that users review regularly the privacy policies and cookies policies of each social network and, where applicable, alter the privacy parameters for each of them in order to limit possible trawling purposes and adjust these parameters to their own interests.

•Facebook. More info: https://www.facebook.com/help/cookies/

• Twitter. More info: https://support.twitter.com/articles/20170521-el-uso-que-hace-twitter-de-cookies-y-tecnologias-similares

Advertisement cookies:

These allow effective management of the advertisement spaces included in the webpage or the application from which the service is supplied. They allow the content of the advertising to be adapted to make it relevant to the user and avoid showing ads that the user has already seen.

• DoubleClick / AdSense (Google). More information: https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/2839090?hl=es

The User can configure his browser in order to be aware of cookies being received and to prevent their installation in his system. However, disabling them may alter the functioning of the webpage. Please read the instructions and manuals of your browser to get more information. The user can also, depending on the browser used, activate any of the following options to limit the scope of the cookies installed or their functions:

• Private browsing, through which your browser stops keeping a record of the browsing, website passwords, cookies and other information on the pages that you visit.

• The no-tracking function, by which the browser asks the websites that you visit not to track your browsing habits, in order for example to send you ads of interest on the sites that you visit.

You can at any time withdraw consent in relation to this Cookies Policy, removing the cookies stored in your system by adjustments to your Internet browser:

• Chrome: http://support.google.com/chrome/bin/answer.py?hl=es&answer=95647

• Explorer: http://windows.microsoft.com/es-es/windows7/how-to-manage-Cookies-in-internet-explorer-9
• Firefox: http://support.mozilla.org/es/kb/habilitar-y-deshabilitar-Cookies-que-los-sitios-we
• Safari http://support.apple.com/kb/ph5042

It can happen that some cookies used on this Website are not related with the COMPANY. This is due to some pages of the website having content inserted coming from third party webs (such as, for example, a YouTube video). Since this content comes from another web, the COMPANY does not control the configuration of these cookies. If you wish to change your preferences on the configuration of cookies, you need to consult the websites of those third parties to obtain information.

If you wish to have better control over the installation of Cookies, you can install programmes or supplements in your browser, known as “Do Not Track” tools, with which you can choose which Cookies you wish to allow.